How to use Find

Find is present in web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. It also works the same everywhere and is conveniently accessible via a standard keyboard shortcut.

When on the page you wish to search, press Control + F (Windows PC) or Command + F (Mac). The Find bar should instantly appear at the top-right or bottom of the browser window.

Follow by typing a word or phrase, and Find should begin highlighting the first matching instance within the page in real-time. It should also denote the total amount of identical words or phrases throughout the page.

Note: Except for letter cases, you must type the word or phrase accurately, or Find will fail to locate it.

You can then select the Next and Previous arrows within the Find bar to automatically move between each item. Alternatively, use the Control + G and Control + Shift + G keystrokes if you prefer sticking solely to shortcuts.

If you want, you can navigate to another tab and come back, and the Find bar will remain available. You can also use Find in multiple tabs, but you can’t search through all open web pages from a single tab. Once you’ve finished looking for what you want, press Esc or select the x-shaped button to exit Find.

How to Open Find in Mobile Browsers

Find is available on mobile versions of web browsers as well. If you use a tablet device with a keyboard, the Control + F or Command + F keyboard shortcuts should help you open Find. If not, you must open it via the browser menu.

Look for an icon with three dots or three stacked lines to the top or bottom of the screen. For example, in the iOS version of Chrome, you should see it to the lower-right—tap it and select Find in Page.

Just start typing, and it will begin highlighting matching instances within the page. Then, use the Next and Previous arrows to move through each item. Finally, tap Done to exit Find.